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Scout Packin' Heat - Oh Cay


Packin' Heat (pak-in heet) v. 1. 'Blow out' of your hotel room or vacation villa - SMOKIN- this accessory can hold your travel hairdryer and a small brush. 2. Last-minute packers can stash and dash with everything but the bathroom sink.

House all your makeup or travel accessories in one place. There's an interior pocket for smaller things, like bobby pins and hair ties. The makeup bag is large enough to fit your hair brush.

Pattern: These corals look more authentically styled with a porous effect that gives them texture and dimension. This vibrant blue was chosen with the most beautiful, clear sky in mind. We're reminded of the appeal of spring and summer with a blue that feels cool, wet, soft, and pretty.

Dimensions: H 8.5" x D 3.5" x W 9.5"

Utility: cosmetic bag

Material: Coated Cotton

SKU: 23146

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