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Look what we found in this Treasure Chest, Susan Shaw!

Posted on May 12 2020

Knowing classic style needs no filter, Susan Shaw started designing her hand-made jewelry collection in 1979 as a way to create heirloom quality pieces, yet attainable luxury accessories. Today, Susan Shaw keeps her vision as the soul and brilliance of the brand to continue to create new styles and accessories each season.


The silhouettes are distinctive and easily recognized among her loyal fans for their artistic themes, including bee and butterfly motifs that are evocative of old Italian wax seals, vintage-influenced coins and crosses. The collections are inspired by her fine arts education, travels throughout Europe, and elements of nature and architecture.


Susan Shaw Jewelry has been a wholesale company for over 35 years and they make each piece by hand, for their customers, they are Made in San Antonio, Texas. 


All of the items shown contain actual semi-precious stones, some of the types used are genuine turquoise, quartz, coral, onyx and several others.

Cotton pearls are used on several of the items that are shown.  A cotton pearl actually contains a tightly wound inner-layer of cotton with an almost paper mache type outer layer.  They are extremely light weight, giving you the benefit of a big fun pearl, without any of the bulky weight.

The necklaces featured are generally 16" and each include a 3" extender chain, so they may all be comfortably worn between 16-19".  Longer chains are listed with their actual length beside each item.

As is the case with all jewelry regardless of manufacturer or method of plating, alcohol based sprays (such as perfume and hairspray), if sprayed directly on to the pieces, may over time eat away at the silver or gold plate.  In order to preserve the original state of the jewelry, Susan Shaw suggests you simply apply your sprays before putting on any jewelry. 


Susan Shaw is constantly mindful of the modern woman’s busy lifestyle. Each piece is lightweight and designed to be easy to wear and versatile, but give women a sense of stylish elegance and grace.

“I’m a Texan and a Southerner, which means I come from a long line of women who don’t leave the house until they are put together,” says Shaw of her quest to design everyday pieces for the woman who wants to look elegant every day. “But as a busy working mother, I learned early on that it doesn’t matter how beautiful a piece is, if it isn’t effortless, you won’t wear it.”

It is this attention to detail and awareness of how real women live, work and dress, that have made these timeless silhouettes a family tradition among women of style. Woven throughout a woman’s stages of life, Susan Shaw jewelry is treasured by daughters and granddaughters alike.


These Susan Shaw earring are a must have to any wardrobe.  These fun statement earrings will help spice up any outfit. The Earrings show above are our top sellers.  


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